Sunday, June 1, 2014

Transition Weather?

With spring here, the weather gets warmer and nicer. But I still crave for the fall and winter. I know what you're thinking. But I prefer the cold over the hot and sticky weather arriving. Simply because it's so much easier to dress warm if its chilly out, but all you can do if its warm out and you may have worn a bit too much is, well- strip! (which is frowned upon by many).

Now that it's June, jeans are starting to push it. So that means I need to get my spring/summer outfits out and say goodbye to my beloved sweaters. (Its a serious addiction. I'm STILL buying jumpers and STILL running out of hangers.) I find that yes... I'm still buying jumpers during warm weather. And by now I'm sure my top to bottom ratio is 64:16.

I now have to invest in rompers, tops, sandals, lighter colored bags, dress shorts and shorts, dungarees and more sunnies. A bit of advice, don't fall in love with jumpers. Life is easier. 

BUT if you still want to keep a bit of the winter weather style for those chilly spring days...

here are some outfits I've made for inspiration x

Untitled #425

Untitled #424

Untitled #423

Untitled #422

Untitled #419

Untitled #418

Untitled #417

keep checking back to see my next post on summer favorites xx Brie

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Pick: Halter Tops


Halter Tops. They are back. 

Yes, yes its true. They have made a comeback. The little 90's like top has returned. And it was predicted for some time, high waisted shorts, "Midriffs" more commonly know today as 'crop tops' and now the halter top.

Whether floral or simply colored, they are actually quite cute. And its amazing to me that I used to fight my mum when she made me wear them because they are sooo incredibly cute! I love how it can be styled for anything and how its such a cute little springy pick.

here are some of my favorite looks I've created with it! 

hope you like them ! xx Love Brie.

Untitled #409

Untitled #410

Untitled #411

Untitled #412

Untitled #413

Untitled #414

Untitled #415

Untitled #416

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Topshop V Neck Burnout Tee Review

Hello again! If you've been on instagram lately, then you already know about the beloved Topshop V Neck Tee. If you haven't, well... now you know.

Around the end of February, I had purchased a simple and basic grey tee. Simply because I was looking for a light tee that would match with everything for spring. This top is the lightest tee I own at the moment and it's sooo so soooo uber comfy!

The sleeves give a bit of a sleeveless feel but they cut off just mid shoulder. The arm hole is a bit big but it's such a relaxed look that I don't mind it! I definitely recommend anyone who is looking for that perfect tee that goes with everything because I've already made numerous outfits with this shirt.

shop my look here:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Can't Stop Buying!!

It's time again to hear me drone on about silly things! Yesterday morning, my step-sisters favourite Youtuber came out with ANOTHER clothing line. Most of you probably knew exactly who I'm talking about.  For those of you who are lost, Bethany Mota. She came out with her spring line I think. And if you'd like to check it out you can visit Aeropostale here. There are a few cool little pieces but it's not really my style.

I myself, had chosen to buy little midi rings which you can look at on my instagram. Once bought, I made my way over to H&M to get some more new clothes. I had two shirts and a bracelet in my hands when I remembered that I had gotten an H&M gift card for 50. So once I paid for those, I went straight for the leather jacket and pinafore. Unfortunately, I could only pick one so I picked the leather jacket and decided I'd buy the pinafore online.

You can check out my other new buys, and I'll be doing reviews for them as well!

Check back next time, Cheers. -Brie xox

Friday, February 28, 2014

Coming Soon; New Clothes

Hello again! It's Brie, so in case you were looking for someone else, you're not on the right page. BUT feel free to stay ;).

This time I'll be talking about my new buys!

All of these items are on their way to my house something over this week!

  1. Topshop Burnout V Neck Tee - here
  2. Forever21 Glam Faux Croc Crossbody - here
  3. Zara Pleated Dog Printed Shorts -SOLD OUT- (bought off ebay)
  4. Brandy Melville Antique Dove Bracelet - here
  5. Mens Flannel - (bought off ebay)
This week has been soooo hectic with all my buying and I think to punish me, karma had my card stolen while I in P.E today. Unfortunately. (LOCK YOUR THINGS IN YOUR LOCKER BECAUSE WOW I WAS MAD) Don't worry though, I'm getting a new card so that means more purchases and I really need a job because I'll probably drive my mother to bankruptcy. I'm a terrible person, but hey, I get great clothes out of it.

I'm going to hell.

I love youu x Thanks - Brie 


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on lately. I've been working on an essay for my english class. This post is all about confidence.

Have you ever gone shopping and you see something you really like but you won't buy it because it isn't something you'd wear, or you're afraid it won't look good on you? It's happened to me, but the trick to getting over it, is to just be you. It's not about how "Skinny Sally" would look sooo much better, it's about expressing your individuality through your wardrobe.

Don't get me wrong, I have these moments as well. For example, I'm debating whether or not I should be the first student of my school to wear dungarees to class. I argue over what they would say when they saw me or what they would say behind my back. But then I go back to the thought that, it's my body and it's my clothing, you're not wearing it so why do you care? It's a work in progress but I'm almost positive that I'll be wearing them this spring.

And also, if you're unhappy with yourself, you're not stuck like this! (In case that's how you feel) If you feel that you could shed a few pounds, (or "stones" in case there are some Brits reading this. if  so, holla man. what's up??) then you could always watch what you eat and exercise daily! You have the power to change yourself, no one else.

The point is, always wear what you want or do what you want if it makes you feel good. (But don't kill anyone, because that's against the law and you will be jailed like wow, that's not good) You are you, and you will never be someone else. So make the most of it. If you want to wear band shirts and baggy ripped jeans with a leather jacket and black worn converse, then do it! If you want to wear a sweater vest, pinafore, knee socks, mary janes and a blazer with those really really really really cute mini-backpacks, then do it! Go for it, because you deserve to feel beautiful every day, inside and out. x You're so loved, you have no idea.

Cheers x -Brie

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Buys; When Is It Time To Stop?

Hiii again! Because I'm kinda new to the whole fashion blogging thing, I've decided that I need to update my wardrobe.

This week, I've taken to Topshop and my mothers money to persuade her into letting me get the things I need. (WARNING: don't do this because I will forever feel guilty for tricking my mum. But... I get clothes in return- Nope, don't do it.)

Currently, I'm waiting for my Vintage Planet Hollywood as seen on Louis Tomlinson :) (YAYAYAYAY!) which is due to be at my house before 13/2, Thursday. And I caaannn'tttt waaittt any loonnggerrrr.

Next up on my waiting list is; my - Drumroll please - Topshop Angora Pink Jumper. I'm sososososo excited for this to get here simply because it's my first Topshop buy! Because it's being shipped from the UK, it's going to take a bit longer due to the shitty weather lately (Ughhh!)

Just today, I've bought two paper plane necklaces from ebay and they will be way way wayyy laterrr. Unfortunately. :( One of them is coming in March and the other is coming towards the end of February. Bummer, I know. But I think it's worth it?

On my wishlist, I've got the Moto Borg Jacket from Topshop and Comme des Gar├žons. Also from Topshop, I might get the Blackwatch Check Leggings and the Black Clean V Jumper, due to my mum. (Yes, I have gotten her obsessed so guess what I think I'm getting for my birthday???) It's a serious problem.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND ONLINE SHOPPING IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY ON A CARD. It's a tease and terrible terrible punishment. Online shopping is great though, but once I get a car; it'll be a trip to NYC every weekend for Topshop. 

Hoping they have a rehab for this, Love Brie xx