Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting To Know Me

Considering this is my first post here, I think a proper introduction is in order.

Hello! I'm Brianna Lynne Ellens. But please, I beg of you, please call me Brie. I am 15 years of age, turning 16, 9th June.

I run a tumblr blog and a polyvore profile for fashion and style ideas, which is also why I've made this blog right here. My tumblr is where I post my sets from polyvore which you can find here.

I'm currently on the lovely eastern side of Long Island, New York but I do have the "oh-so-adored" British accent. I grew up on in Cambridge, England. I now live with my step sister, Kellie, her mother and my father.

I don't quite think there's anything else to be honest, you can contact me on twitter, instagram, polyvore and my tumblr. Cheers x

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