Sunday, June 1, 2014

Transition Weather?

With spring here, the weather gets warmer and nicer. But I still crave for the fall and winter. I know what you're thinking. But I prefer the cold over the hot and sticky weather arriving. Simply because it's so much easier to dress warm if its chilly out, but all you can do if its warm out and you may have worn a bit too much is, well- strip! (which is frowned upon by many).

Now that it's June, jeans are starting to push it. So that means I need to get my spring/summer outfits out and say goodbye to my beloved sweaters. (Its a serious addiction. I'm STILL buying jumpers and STILL running out of hangers.) I find that yes... I'm still buying jumpers during warm weather. And by now I'm sure my top to bottom ratio is 64:16.

I now have to invest in rompers, tops, sandals, lighter colored bags, dress shorts and shorts, dungarees and more sunnies. A bit of advice, don't fall in love with jumpers. Life is easier. 

BUT if you still want to keep a bit of the winter weather style for those chilly spring days...

here are some outfits I've made for inspiration x

Untitled #425

Untitled #424

Untitled #423

Untitled #422

Untitled #419

Untitled #418

Untitled #417

keep checking back to see my next post on summer favorites xx Brie

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