Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Buys; When Is It Time To Stop?

Hiii again! Because I'm kinda new to the whole fashion blogging thing, I've decided that I need to update my wardrobe.

This week, I've taken to Topshop and my mothers money to persuade her into letting me get the things I need. (WARNING: don't do this because I will forever feel guilty for tricking my mum. But... I get clothes in return- Nope, don't do it.)

Currently, I'm waiting for my Vintage Planet Hollywood as seen on Louis Tomlinson :) (YAYAYAYAY!) which is due to be at my house before 13/2, Thursday. And I caaannn'tttt waaittt any loonnggerrrr.

Next up on my waiting list is; my - Drumroll please - Topshop Angora Pink Jumper. I'm sososososo excited for this to get here simply because it's my first Topshop buy! Because it's being shipped from the UK, it's going to take a bit longer due to the shitty weather lately (Ughhh!)

Just today, I've bought two paper plane necklaces from ebay and they will be way way wayyy laterrr. Unfortunately. :( One of them is coming in March and the other is coming towards the end of February. Bummer, I know. But I think it's worth it?

On my wishlist, I've got the Moto Borg Jacket from Topshop and Comme des Gar├žons. Also from Topshop, I might get the Blackwatch Check Leggings and the Black Clean V Jumper, due to my mum. (Yes, I have gotten her obsessed so guess what I think I'm getting for my birthday???) It's a serious problem.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND ONLINE SHOPPING IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY ON A CARD. It's a tease and terrible terrible punishment. Online shopping is great though, but once I get a car; it'll be a trip to NYC every weekend for Topshop. 

Hoping they have a rehab for this, Love Brie xx

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