Sunday, February 9, 2014

Youtuber Madness; Bethany Mota Trip

Yesterday was suucchhh a tiring day! But I would do it all over again if I had to. (Maybe minus the 4 hour train ride and the ache in my feet.) It started off with a very excited morning. I had asked my dad if I could stay home to take pictures, knowing he wasn't very tech savvy and would get bored of my sister's frequent occasional freak-outs. Thankfully, he had said yes and we began to get ready. Comes 8:45 and my sister comes in with wet hair, asking if I could help her out. (Which I did.)

Eleven o'clock comes by and I gave her something "impressive" to wear just to get her off my back. Twenty-eight minutes later, we're off to the train! 

Once at the mall, we searched quickly for a long line or Aeropostale, where she was said to have been. Stupid us, had stopped for a pee break and the line had gotten longer.

{The view from the second floor!}
By the time we got on line, it was even bigger. Not after five minutes, we were right now to aerie, a bits away from Aeropostale.  We stayed on line waiting and waiting. Took some silly pictures...

And we fully enjoyed ourselves... until my sister learned that she wasn't able to see Bethany Mota. Heartbreaking really, but she got over it. A great day at most with a disspointing ending. Thanks again. Cheers x

xoxo, Brie

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